Training and Consulting Services for the Aerospace Supply Chain

Our mission is to help innovative manufacturing and services companies to access the global aerospace market by providing training and consulting services. We enable our clients in the aerospace supply chain to achieve and sustain operational excellence in order to master the challenges related to ramping-up and operating at high production rates.

The global aviation market is predicted to increase significantly and steadily due to a strong and resilient growth in passenger traffic. History shows that regardless of economic, political and health crises air traffic doubles every 15 years.

Current forecasts show an expected demand for 32,430 new passenger aircraft (≥ 100 seats) and 650 freighters from 2016 until 2035. Roughly 40% of this demand is expected from replacement of existing aircraft with the balance from industry growth. Airbus estimates the market volume for these aircraft to be in the range of US$5.2 trillion during the forecast period.

For aircraft manufacturers to satisfy this growing demand, the supply chain becomes an increasingly important success factor. On new programs, up to 80% of an aircraft’s components comes from suppliers. This follows the best practice already been successfully implemented in the Automotive Industry over the last decades.